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    The news and the most significant events in Energocapital's life.

  • Our history
    Our history

    We have been working on the financial market since 1997. We are proud of the gained experience and knowledge. This section is about the significant milestones of our business development.

  • Ratings and honors
    Ratings and honors

    Our high professional level is confirmed by the large number of honors and high standings in specialized ratings.

  • Documents and Licenses
    Documents and Licenses

    Here you can look through the official legal documents of Energocapital. - Structure. Our company is like a complex mechanism, and the efficiency depends on precise interaction of all company’s units.

  • Requisites

    Here you can look through the official legal documents of Energocapital.

  • Structure

    Our company is like a complex mechanism, and the efficiency depends on precise interaction of all company’s units

  • Advantages
  • Our Traditions and Principles
    Our Traditions and Principles

    We have been working on the stock market for more than 14 years. All this time we have been following a set of practices that form strong business relationships with our clients. That’s why we are so appreciated...

  • Investment philosophy
    Investment philosophy

    The foundation of our investment style is based on an active approach to asset management, a focus on the fundamental choice, and an effective risk control. This foundation is built into all strategies we are working with.

  • Investment process
    Investment process

  • Our achievements
    Our achievements

    The actual result is the best assessment of company’s activity. Our funds are repeated winners of independent investment ratings. The Energocapital-Balance Fund is a constant leader in profitability and management efficiency.

  • Our team
    Our team

    Professional managers are our pride. Just look at the people that you trust your assets to…

  • New approach of investment
    New approach of investment

    Success on the stock market is not possible without using science-based methods of assessment of companies and modeling investment processes. Here you can look through our analysts’ researches.

  • Feel comfortable about investments
    Feel comfortable about investments

    Our managers will explain to you all you need to know about investments and help you choose an optimal investment product.

  • Investment Funds
  • Balanced MF
    Balanced MF

    Open-ended miscellaneous mutual fund "Energocapital-Balanced" includes the “blue chip” stocks with high liquidity and the undervalued second-tier stocks. This fund is a repeated prize winner in different profitability ratings and is our pride.

  • Savings MF
    Savings MF

    Open-ended bond mutual fund "Energocapital-Saving" is an excellent alternative to a bank deposit and was created for investors who want to protect their savings from inflation.

  • Global Markets MF
    Global Markets MF

    Open-ended mutual fund "Energocapital-Global markets" was created for investors who are eager to undergo higher risk to potentially get higher income in the long-term outlook.

  • Real estate funds
    Real estate funds

    Real estate funds are oriented for investors who are interested in the long-term projects in sphere of real estate development. With professional management the real estate is an asset which returns interest and guarantees protection of invested capital.

  • Wealth Management
  • Products

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  • Asset Management
  • Trust Management
    Trust Management

    Trust management in our company means high level of reliability, professionalism of portfolio managers and a variety of investment strategies.

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    We use classical fundamental approach to investments. Fundamental analysis is the basis for the securities analysis under conditions of efficient market. At the same time we take under consideration that a stock market is not enough efficient. As we see, the market becomes efficient as to certain information at a certain moment. It cannot become efficient at once. Good results against average market indices can be estimated only with the help of ideas not taken into account by the market.

    Investment quality depends on accurate and prompt analysis. We believe this is the basis for the qualitative management model. We mix two approaches: top-down forecasting and bottom-up forecasting. Using these two above mentioned approaches we are sure that we have a holistic view of the market. We think it is false that efficient investments are caused by short-term outlook.

    Fundamental of our investment style is a conservative approach to assets management, fundamental choice and efficient risks control. It is the basis of the all our strategies. 

    Classical approach updating, developing by us, means moving away from definitions of “target price” and choosing of continuous benchmark analysis. With the help of our benchmarking methods we hope to find many effective portfolios among available ones. It is very important and significant change. This is our difference from other companies in the process of making decisions.

    Continuous work with the portfolio is the fundamental of our investment process. Operations do not mean daily transactions but constant analysis both certain issuers and a portfolio. Such analysis gives opportunity to make decisions on portfolio structure changes to make it more efficient.

    We have drawn unchangeable rules of investments aimed to protect and increase the client’s capital. You can read more about these rules in the part: The New Approach To Investment.

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